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History Evergreen Wood Products was established in South America in 1992 as a major exporter and supplier of planks from its own forest to Asia and Europe. With the development of business, Evergreen Wood Products started a factory for production of all kinds of moldings in Los Angeles. In 2001, Evergreen set up a huge production line to manufacture the exotic hardwood floors based on the rising demand of market in North America by utilizing its own resources, forests in South America, latest technology of coating and finishing and many years of experience in both planking and flooring.
Technology A tremendous investment in machinery from Germany, Australia, Italy, Taiwan and the US as well as a 50,000 square foot building in Southern California that enabled us to set up a production line second to none, including our own 7-step special coating and finish line of Aluminum Oxide. Our philosophy is to "supply our clients with the best beautiful exotic hardwood floor at the best price along with our best service".
Quality Evergreen Wood Products has searched the world over to find what we feel is the best and most beautiful hardwoods to make into flooring. In our own forest of South America we found Santos Mahogany, Brazilian Teak(Cumaru), Brazilian Walnut, Peruvian Cherry, Andean Cherry, Peru Maple (Ivory Wood). We import these woods from our own forest and process them in our own sawmill in south America, mold and finish them into flooring with the aluminum oxide of seven special coatings. Our fully equipped factory here in Rancho Cucamonga , California has everything needed to produce "World Class" Hardwood flooring that must be seen to be appreciated. All our woods come either managed forests or are plantation grown and present no hazard to the environment.

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